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At Infinity IP, we provide legal assistance in the areas of trademark, patent, copyright, and design registration.

Our legal practice operates throughout both New Zealand and Australia and we are firmly focused on the personal touch.

About Us

We’re passionate about helping you realise the value of your intellectual property – ultimately, assisting you to be successful on the world stage.

We help you identify intellectual property, ensure its availability for use, protect it and enforce your IP rights when necessary.

For us, it’s all about providing you with a personal, bespoke service you won’t find in large IP firms – regardless of your business’s size.  We also know the value of Intellectual Property to your business, so there is no risk of your IP being left in the hands of anyone other than a registered patent and trademark attorney. We work alongside you to really understand your business and become a proactive part of your team.

“Alan Chadwick has assisted me with a number of intellectual property matters for the last 10 years. Alan has always been pro-active and provides great support for my intellectual property. The support is not just providing good documentation, but also as a sounding board and critique as he goes the extra mile to ensure he truly understands the invention and the wider commercial implications.“

Director of Jagsaw Enterprises Ltd.

Here are some infographics about Intellectual Property from around the world.

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WIPO Statistics Database, March 2020

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– Infinity IP owner Angela Searle is included in the

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“The single largest source of intangible value in company is its Intellectual Property.” – Angela Searle

Working across New Zealand and Australia, we help you understand the value of your intellectual property and protect it so your ideas can shine and your business can thrive.

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At the heart of the practice are Angela Searle and Alan Chadwick.