Why do you need an IP Lawyer?

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

Throughout history, good ideas have led to greatness. They’re the backbone of businesses, small and large. To realise the value of your idea and maximise its potential, you must protect it. This is where an intellectual property lawyer becomes essential.

Intellectual Property Law Made Easy

We’re leading intellectual property (IP) experts whose big idea was to break away from the corporate firms we worked for to set up a boutique IP law firm that works for you.

At Infinity IP, we’re passionate about helping you to protect your intellectual property to let your ideas shine and your business thrive - whether you’re on the domestic stage or aiming for the global limelight. We can help with patents, trademarks, design registration, and copyrights.

We’ll help you understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property, and just what’s at risk if you don’t.

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“Angela offers a very personal service and really finds out what the customer needs and then works with that to give them the best advice and service possible. Angela is also very thorough with all her applications, renewal dates etc – I know we are in safe hands leaving our IP with Infinity IP.”

Fiona Bretherton | Untouched World


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At the heart of Infinity IP is Angela Searle, who is assisted by Alan Chadwick. Both are registered patent attorneys in New Zealand and Australia and Australian registered Trade Mark Attorneys.

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“The single largest source of intangible value in company is its Intellectual Property.” – Angela Searle

Working across New Zealand and Australia, we help you understand the value of your intellectual property and protect it so your ideas can shine and your business can thrive.

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At the heart of the practice are Angela Searle and Alan Chadwick.